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Success in Zaragoza

Posted by: Collin Rudkin on 27th March 2019 at 11:05 am
Success in Zaragoza

The SEKF Elite squad travelled to Zaragoza in Spain to compete in an International Open tournament. As Spain are world leaders, I selected this competition as a warm up for the world ranking Youth K1's starting in May in Cyprus.

The squad enjoyed an enriching experience spending part of the their time in Madrid staying at Angela's parents house, a typical Spanish environment. They also enjoyed a final training session at European Team Champion 'Fran Salazar's' Dojo, which was a great experience.



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The next day, we travelled to the beautiful City of Zaragoza, where we took in the sights and enjoyed some amazing tapas.

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Competition day followed, the squad were relaxed and ready for action.


Ethan Stonton was first up in the male -14 years kata, and won a fantastic Gold medal after four great rounds of kata.

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Carla was up next in the female -14 years Kata, and won a Bronze medal after four tough rounds. Finally, James Arnold won a Silver medal in male -16 Kumite after four great fights.

LVlJxcSkTCqIPZBosf_dWA.jpg  AIhyucdBQGSevnmCWBzTrg.jpg

jPQc_CI8S_6vWHeMcScoPA.jpg  N8T2r9X7T0K0bDEDjD15yA.jpg

Nick Issacson, competed in the male -75K Kumite, enjoying the experience of mixing with top internationals.


I was very proud of all four athletes, especially as they have worked so hard in preperation for this international competition. They conducted themselves with a professional attitude at all times and were also great fun to spend time with. Congratulations everyone!

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