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SEKF Success at the BIKO Open

Posted by: Collin Rudkin on 11th October 2018 at 4:30 pm
SEKF Success at the BIKO Open

The SEKF squad travelled to Harlow in Essex to compete in the BIKO Open. After a great day competing the squad managed to claim 2 Gold, 7 Silver and 4 Bronze medals. As usual the kata events were first on. The B' squad kata students who were representing the SEKF for the first time performed very well in their categories. Megan Barnes won Silver in the Pee wee category, whilst Autumn Fry won Silver and Matilda Arnold claimed bronze in the novice category. In the mixed -12 yrs category our current, Berlin and Helsinki International kata champion, Carla Rudkin-Guillen, won Gold, whilst Ethan Stonton, our current British International Open champion claimed Silver. SEKF, Gold and Silver. Amazing!

James Arnold, current English kumite champion, showed his great depth of karate by winning 14-15 yrs Kata category.

Finally, Carla and Ethan paired up in the kata and manged a great Silver medal in the -16yrs pairs.

Kata completed and the SEKF already had 2 x Gold, 4 x Silver and 1 x Bronze. 




aaba1864_0219_475a_bfbf_47162f6dadfb.jpg  5ddbcf21-2d71-4fe8-b094-04eefef8b80f_1.jpg


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The Kumite followed and in the individual categories, Mariott Witney won an exciting Silver medal in -14 yrs girls, scoring some great sweeps and head kicks. Carla Rudkin-Guillen managed Bronze in -12 yrs girls, her second national medal out of two competitions. Lewis grainger also fought well and claimed bronze in -14 yrs boys ....In the team events the SEKF managed two Silvers and one bronze medal....14-15 yrs boys team (James Arnold, Harrison West, Dylan Kidd) 12-13 yrs boys team (Elliott Lowman, Adam Barnes, Lewis Grainger) 10-11 yrs girls team (Carla Rudkin-Guillen, Autumn Fry, Bethany McNair)...Well done everyone. 

50613b85-25a1-4f35-8375-5b3e92b21952_1.jpg 099fcc5b_74c2_4d99_b307_0931b7eaf79c.jpg

cc74b00e_74e0_443f_b249_c82b5e02b0c5.jpg IMG_7970_1.jpg

9559e9aa_f4cd_4f5d_bab2_3fb6077f50bb.jpg 233c64f4-4f71-439f-b5f4-832d7baaf370_1.jpg








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