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SEKF Medal Haul at the British Championships

Posted by: Collin Rudkin on 29th May 2019 at 8:20 am
SEKF Medal Haul at the British Championships
After a tough pre-training program, our six hopefuls travelled to Leicester to take part in the prestigious British Championships. I am very proud to announce that we managed our best ever results winning five medals..
Our Pairs kata team which consisted of Ethan Stonton and Adam Barnes won Gold to become Four Nations champions in the -14 Yrs Team Pairs.
After five tough rounds, 12 year old, Carla Rudkin-Guillen, won silver in the female -14 yrs Kata,
Ethan Stonton also 12 won bronze in the male -14 yrs Kata after four tough rounds..These were great results as both the above athletes still have another year in their category’s…
Our fourth medal was won by 11 year old, Finley Burn in the -12 yrs Kata… Our final bronze medal was won by 15 years old, James Arnold, in the Cadet Kumite section…We were delighted to bring five British championship medals back to the New Forest.
Our sixth athlete Harrison West was unlucky on this occasion but performed well.
Carla Rudkin-Guillen and James Arnold’s results were very important as they will give them even more confidence when they face the best in the World in Croatia at the beginning of July in the Youth K1.
Well done everyone and thank you to all the parents for thier support . Team SEKF
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6e760878_7b51_43d4_b687_a10ee22531fb.jpg  ba34181f_dfe9_4f12_a65b_8b8ff51e538e.jpg
2083e185_91bc_48f3_a1c2_2e2b573aead9.jpg   0febafe0_f4d5_436f_8331_769738a3d9a2.jpg
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