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SEKF Bring Home The Medals

Posted by: Collin Rudkin on 9th October 2013 at 5:35 pm
SEKF Bring Home The Medals

The Elite and A' Squad members travelled to the Essex Open karate championships at the end of September. The day started at Rownhams service station at 6.30am with most of the squad in their tracksuits, but still asleep. The early start was followed by a three hour drive, yet by the time we arrived in Essex the squad were ready for action. After a long days competing the squad managed to win one gold, three silver medals and and five bronze medals.

Danny and I prepared our three squad members who were competing in the kata and within a few minutes they were up performing their katas to a great standard. Cameron Downer won silver followed by Zak Smyth and Patchouli Phillips who both won Bronze medals.

photo (1)_1.JPG



After the kata I put the squad through their paces in preperation of the kumite events which proved very rewarding as  Eve Moore won a well deserved gold medal with Patchouli Phillips winning a silver medal in the same category. It was amazing to see two of our fighters in the final of the same category.


The boys team consisting of Tom Kydd-Coutts, Louis Naraine and Zak Smyth fought very well to win silver. Tom Moore, Thomas Kydd-Coutts and Louis Naraine also managed to win bronze medals in their respective categories.


Well done everyone! The parents supported all our squad members during the day and even managed to bring some extra food for Danny and I.... A great day all round!

IMG_1687.JPG IMG_1716.JPG

IMG_1742.JPG IMG_1727.JPG



IMG_1788.JPG  IMG_1852.JPG



IMG_1879.JPG IMG_1860.JPG








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By: Jasmine and Talia 10th October 2013 at 7:04 pm
We are extremely proud of Patchy and everyone who competed also, brilliant photos!
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