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Predicted Grading Results

Posted by: Collin Rudkin on 27th March 2020 at 5:15 pm
Predicted Grading Results

I hope everyone is well and staying positive during this difficult time. Please find below some important information.


During these difficult and unprecedented times, Team SEKF are determined to continue with our positive fitness and karate training to help the Mind Set and Well-Being of our members and their families. At present we have no idea how long it will be until normal karate lessons resume, therefore, to help our students continue their karate journey we have organised some well-structured online classes. We will also be running some fun/fitness classes for all the family to help keep everyone active and in high spirits.

We will be launching our Online Urban Fitness and Karate classes from Monday 30th March 2020.
These exciting home training classes will be presented using the Zoom Video Conferencing App and will be complimentary during the month of April to all students and their families.
In preparation for the new online classes please download the FREE Zoom app and take a few minutes to familiarise yourselves with it.
Further instructions on how to use Zoom (Joining a meeting etc), and confirmation of class times will be added over the weekend to our Team SEKF WhatsApp group and our New Facebook Group Page which has been set up for SEKF students and is named ' SEKF Urban Fitness and Karate Training"

You can join both groups if you want...
Facebook Group: Just look it up on Facebook and request to join..
WhatsApp Group: Please text me with your name and name of student..

My mobile number is 07966 303 585


I will be organising a practice Zoom video call on Sunday 29th March at 11.00am. The ID and Password to join the meeting will be sent to the SEKF WhatsApp group and new Facebook group.


If you have any queries or need help with Zoom please do not hesitate to contact me.

See you training soon...


Predicted Grading Results


Congratulations on your predicted grading results. Danny and I are very proud of the hard work and commitment that everyone has shown over the past term. Well done!

Grade 1 = 70% plus Double grade
Grade 2 = 60 – 69%
Grade 3 = 50 – 59%
Fail = below 50%

Red belt / Pre 8th Kyu Pass – Grade 2
Samuel Macvicar
Elliott Haines
Phoebe Tyerman
Liam Phillips
Jude Haines
Arjith Kanjanghat
Charlie Cunliffe
Wilber Sinnott - Grade 3
Aidan Shanley – Grade 3

Otis Wookey - Grade 3


Yellow belt / 8th Kyu – Grade 2
Jack Smout
Buddy Welberry
Oscar Quinn
Erin Griscti
Amber O’Donohue
Bear Sawyer
Abijith Kanjanghat
Krzysztof Perlowski
Jasmin Munden
Niall Ross
Edward Knight
Johan Frazer
Charlotte Clease
Summer Kilborn
Esther Burger
Jessica Vaughan
Braydon John-Philps
Haydon Sills
Julia Smietana
Joshua Vaughan
Sarah Sandford
Anna Lawrence
Seth Ryder

Kai Bartlett

Aditya Makarahalli

Reeve Lai

Felix Wookey

Leo Wookey

Arthur McIntosh

Henry Jones

Connor McCurdy

Mieszko Welna

Alex Bennett Danks
Ethan Colwell – Grade 3
Milo Etheridge – Grade 3


Orange tag – Pre 7th Kyu – Grade 2
Airah Nithin
Louis Kemp
Lena Frazer
Mason May
Alex Breeze
Billy Wright
Harry Fitches – Grade 3


Orange belt – 7th Kyu – Grade 2
Christine Mulgrew
Ivy Legg
Nicolas Wood
Otto Chapman
Harley Ehler
Ella Cole
James Moynihan
Lisa Blackburn
Jasmin Thornley
William Chapman

Max Robinson
Frazer Fortescue-Norris – Grade 3
Zak Johnson – Grade 3


Green tag – Pre 6th Kyu – Grade 2
Jake Johnson
Johny Gertrudes
Alex Blunt
Calum Paterson
Mia Williams
Becky Diffey
Olivia Bird
Hannah Toth
Tom Smith
Sarvesh Prabhakaran
Doruk Cicek
Tate Mackness
Reece Jones
Sienna Munden

Sofia O'Hare
Samuel Jones – Grade 3
Jed Worsley – Grade 3
Joe Langford – Grade 3
Robbie Phipps – Grade 3


Green belt – 6th kyu – Grade 2
Yasmin Allner
Emily Jennings 
Scarlett Scanlan – Grade 3


Blue tag – Pre 5th kyu – Grade 2
Zak Glister
Amalie Rivron
Mayank Chutake
Rehan Nithin
Akshara Chadrabalan – Grade 3
Denoth Chadrabalan – Grade 3
Leo York – Grade 3
Tobias York – Grade 3
Elliott Ching-Gonzalez – Grade 3


Blue belt – 5th Kyu – Grade 2
Olivia Sanchez-Gonzalez
Laura Legg
Peter Walford
Marcus Leung – Grade 3


Purple tag – Pre 4th Kyu – Grade 2
Edward Goulding
Morgan Lewis
Lily Blackburn
David Marshal
Bodhi Searle – Grade 3
Riley Carpenter – Grade 3

Louis Shopland

Emma Barnes


Purple belt – 4th Kyu – Grade 2
Hamish Legg
Louis Hobbs
Finley Gennetta – Grade 3
William Angel – Grade 3

Brown tag – Pre 3rd kyu – Grade 2
George Johnson
Leonardo El Hakim
Esme Johnson
Frankie Dove
Christopher Cytus
Ava Etheridge – Grade 3


Congratulations everyone!



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