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Louis, The Four Nations Champion

Posted by: Collin Rudkin on 2nd June 2016 at 9:40 am
Louis, The Four Nations Champion

After twelve grueling weeks of training it was finally time for the Elite squad to travel up to Sheffield to compete in the Four Nations Karate Championships. The competition was set over two days with the under 14's competing on the Saturday. Carla Rudkin was first up to represent the SEKF and did the squad proud with a great Passai, unfortunately she was up against the eventual winner. However, the girl that managed silver, Carla had beaten in the WKU at the beginning of the month. This was very encouraging. Alessio Sebis was up next in his category and performed two good kata's. On this occasion he was narrowly beaten in the 2nd round which was a shame especially as he had won both a gold and silver in his previous competitions. 

P1060924.JPG P1060921.JPG

P1060941.JPG P1060949.JPG

P1060966.jpg P1060993.JPG

In the kumite, again Carla was first up and beat her opponent with a great head kick, unfortunately she narrowly lost in the following round. Harrison West was up next in the under 12's and fought well, but on this occasion he did not succeed to the next round. One of our gold medal hopes, Alessio, was suffering from a migraine and I was forced to take the decision to withdraw him from the competition. It then become the job of Elliot Lowman to take control of the under 12's category, which he did by winning several rounds and managed a well respected quarter final placing, just missing out on a bronze medal. The category had four pages of competitors. The last competitor up on the Saturday was James Arnold in the under 14's, this was a difficult category for James as he was only twelve last month. This did not stop him demolishing his first opponent, unfortunately he lost in the next round but gave a good performance.

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On the Sunday, Patchouli Philips was first up in the Kata, unfortunately, after performing a good kata she did not manage to advance further. Zak Smyth, on the other hand was in a zone during his Kata category and performed several great kata's just missing out on a bronze medal.

P1070037.JPG P1070057.JPG

P1070026.JPG P1070040.JPG

In the Kumite, Damla Kaya fought well winning her first round fight with a determined attitude and went on to narrowly miss out on a bronze medal. Zak was up next and won his first round fight with ease. However in the 2nd round, Zak was dwarfed by his opponent and even though he fought very well, he could not find a way through. Louis Naraine our other gold medal hopeful was last to compete and he did not disappoint. After watching his first fight it was clear to me that it was Louis's time to shine and no one was going to stand in his way of the Four Nations under 16's title. After many rounds of great fighting, movement and mental strength, I am proud to announce that Louis was crowned champion.

Well done Louis!

Thanks to Danny and all the parents who supported our squad.

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