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Interclub Competition Results

Posted by: Collin Rudkin on 19th November 2013 at 2:25 pm
 Interclub Competition Results

The recent SEKF interclub karate competition was a great success with over 120 students taking part. The kata was first up with the following students performing some really good kata's which resulted in them winning a placing in their respective category. Well done!


GOLD Medal Winners: Carla Rudkin-Guillen, Elliott Lowman, Lewis Grainger, Alessio Sebis, Dylan Kydd,

Patchouli Phillips, and Nick Issacson.

SILVER medals: Adam Barnes, Scott Battisby, Paul Kolendo, Issac Naraine, Damla Kaya, Zak Smyth, and Cameron Downer.

BRONZE medals: Jack Rose, Henry Patten, Dylan Peroni, Talia Phillips, Lucy Smith, Louis Naraine, and Eve Moore


 006.JPG 013.JPG 001.JPG 020.JPG

022.JPG 025.JPG

027.JPG 028.JPG

029.JPG 031.JPG


The Kumite followed the kata after a short brek. There were some great techniques being displayed by the fighters including quite a breathtaking sweep by Tom Moore of near international standard.

In was a great day with lots of atmosphere and really good to see the support from the parents and fellow competitiors.

I would like to thank everyone who supported the event especially Danny, Sasha and Scott along with all the table officials, our camara team Mr & Mrs Grimwood and finally Dr Mark Kydd-Coutts who kindly offered to be our first aider.












117.JPG 071.JPG

095.JPG 130.JPG










Kumite Results:


GOLD Medal Winners: Leo Wannacott, Elliot Lowman, Sam Hills, James Arnold, Daniel Harriman, Louis Naraine, Joe Grimwood, Victor Williams.

SILVER medals: Carla Rudkin-Guillen, Tom Fenney, Lucy Akred, Isaac Naraine, Luke Gallagher, Zak Smyth, Matthew Reeves, Thomas Kydd-Coutts.

BRONZE medals: Sky Palmer, Billy williams, James Rose, Kian Johnson, Davey McGuire, Alessio Sebis, Damla Kaya, Patchouli Phillips, Holly Gilbert, Declan Corrigan.




149.JPG 141.JPG

166.JPG 168.JPG

171.JPG 172.JPG

174.JPG 175.JPG






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