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Alton Brown Joins the SEKF

Posted by: Collin Rudkin on 15th March 2013 at 2:30 pm
Alton Brown Joins the SEKF

I have pleasure in announcing that Alton Brown has joined the SEKF.  Alton is one of the top current English kumite competitors and has been representing England for thirteen years.  Alton has accumulated an impressive list of National and International titles during his time representing England and is now ready to share his years of experience with the SEKF squad. 




World Championships

• Gold: Team, Funakoshi Championships (England 2007)
Individual -75kg, Funakoshi Championships (USA 2002)
Team, Funakoshi Championships (USA 2002)
Individual -75kg, Funakoshi Championships (Portugal 2000)
• Silver: Individual -75kg, Senior University Championships (Serbia & Montenegro 2004)
• Bronze: Individual -75kg, Senior University Championships (Poland 2008)
Team, WKF Senior Championships (Finland 2006)
Team, Funakoshi Championships (Portugal 2000)
• 4th Place: Individual -75kg, WKF Senior Championships (Serbia 2010)


European Championships

• Gold: Individual -80kg, Senior University Championships (Montenegro 2007)
Individual -75kg, Junior EKF Championships (Poland 2003)
• Silver: Individual -75kg, Junior EKF Championships (Croatia 2004)
Team, Senior EKF Championships (Germany 2003)
• Bronze: Individual -75kg, Senior University Championships (Spain 2009)
Team, Senior University Championships (Spain 2009)
Team, Junior EKF Championship (Croatia 2004)


Commonwealth Championships

• Gold: Individual -75kg (Scotland 2008)
• Silver: Individual -75kg (England 2003)
• Bronze: Individual open-weight (Scotland 2008)

International Opens
• Gold: Team, Ligue du Val d’Oise, Senior French Regional Event (France 2012)
Team, Welsh Grand Slam England vs Scotland vs Wales (Wales 2011)
Individual -75kg, Irish International Open (Ireland 2007)
Individual -75kg Scottish International Open (Scotland 2007)
• Silver: Individual -75kg, French Invitational Championships (France 2012)
Individual -75kg, Senior Swedish International Open (Sweden 2011)
Team, Senior Swedish International Open (Sweden 2011)
Team, Senior France Invitational Event (France 2010)
• Bronze: Individual -75kg, Qatar International Karate Championships (Qatar 2012)
Team, French National Team Invitational Championships (France 2012)
Team, Senior Championnats de France Combats 2nd Division (France 2012)
Individual -75kg, Senior Polish International Championships (Poland 2012)
Individual -75kg, Senior Copenhagen International Open (Denmark 2009)
Individual -75kg, Senior Paris International Open (France 2004)


British Championships

Gold: Three times Individual -75kg, Senior British Championships
Three times Individual -75kg, British University Championships (2013/2012/2005/2004)
Seven times Individual -75kg or open-weight, English Championships (2012, 2011, 2010, 2008, 2007, 2006 & 2005)

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By: Alton 11th April 2013 at 10:27 am
I've known Collin and Danny for a long time now and I'm really excited to be a part of this Association. I look forward to meeting everyone at this Sunday's squad session. See you there!

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