SEKF Guidelines



1) Instructor Qualifications


A) It is necessary for instructors to update to EKF requirements within 90 days of joining the Southern England Karate Federation.

  • Teaching practices / Health & Safety (Register/students contacts/emergency info)
  • Qualifications check for all Instructors
  • Updated DBS for all Instructors & Assistant Instructors
  • First aid certificate
  • Child protection .... 
  • Risk Management..
  • Equity policy..........
  •  Note: as per EKF guidelines, it is the responsibility of the Club Instructor to make sure all their assistant Instructors have valid insurance and a current CRB 


2) Licence renewals

  •  All licence applications must be sent on a monthly basis, with the SEKF receiving them by the 5th of the month.

3) SEKF Squad

  •  All new clubs joining the SEKF will be invited to bring their students along to the next squad session for selection. After this initial squad session there will be one open squad session per year in January, at this time the SEKF will look to take in new squad members. In addition, students who obtain a medal at the SEKF competitions will be invited to the next squad session.
  • All squad members are expected to join the 100 club fund which provides sponsorship for the squads.
  • All squad members entered for competition to represent the SEKF, will be at the senior coach’s discretion.



NB) The SEKF has the right to suspend or withdraw any club from its federation which does not comply with the above guidelines or practices karate outside the current EKF regulations.

Club Affiliations