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Success at the Central England Open

Posted by: Collin Rudkin on 26th June 2019 at 9:50 am
Success at the Central England Open

Congratulations to the SEKF squad after their success at the Central England Open...After a tough day the squad manged 1 Gold, 4 silver and 3 Bronze medals...Well Done!



James Arnold               - Gold - Cadet Kumite

Carla Rudkin Guillen - Silver  -13 Yrs Kata

Carla Rudkin-Guillen - Bronze - 16Yrs Kata

Finley Burn                  - Silver -13 yrs Kata

Megan Barnes             - Silver -10 Yrs Kata

Carla and Adam Barnes - Silver - Pairs Kata

Autumn Fry                  - Bronze  -12 Yrs Kumite

Matilda Arnold            - Bronze - 4th Kyu below Kata




054a6674_0999_4e95_a247_187f9c0e7901.jpg 11ce69d4_a482_4a07_bb67_390b93a331a4.jpg

b4cd45e3_7164_46f2_a5e4_94897e677423.jpg 2a032869_b4a0_4b03_a4b3_ba0efdcdd093.jpg



993f38f6_b8e7_48a6_90d1_0b0b805a6649.jpg 6d111047_b22c_4a4a_834b_d64df2e65996.jpg

d01bf6ad_a547_4395_a0df_2c6b88465c5f.jpg b599474b_894c_461b_9e53_743e405ae857.jpg

ec349ba7_adbe_4e74_b0a6_e0b2c52b3394.jpg 4961b17e_4422_4dea_8ec7_be529c37391d.jpg 



3bf78b79_93ba_45b9_b7e2_0a1393054f3b.jpg b4b58a4e_e14c_4215_a0ee_e35a54998bee.jpg

312d780e_b65d_46ed_839f_be6e5ad0d6ac.jpg 7729f839_768e_46a5_afa8_4a25ffad3eaf.jpg

dc92159d_2d9a_43c4_a005_54deca14631e.jpg 006b404e_be23_4626_a7ef_8672f317f76d.jpg






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An amazing day which rewarded...
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