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SEKF Inter-Club Results

Posted by: Collin Rudkin on 29th June 2016 at 5:10 pm
SEKF Inter-Club Results

 Well done to everyone who competed at the recent SEKF Inter-Club competition. Before the event started the parents and competitors were treated to a fantastic display of kata from Carla Rudkin-Guillen, the current WKU open champion who performed Unsu, Alessio Sebis, the current Essex Open champion who performed Niseishi. Patchouli Phillips and Damla Kaya also performed Bassia, their pairs winning gold medal kata at the Essex open. 

P1070301.JPG  P1070296.JPG

P1070238.JPG  P1070392.JPG

The competition kata was first up with lots of enthusiastic competitors trying their best to impress the judges. The standard was high as expected with an array of different kata's performed. Gold medals eventually went to Liam McNair, Autumn Fry, Finley Burn, Carla Rudkin-Guillen in two categories and Patchouli Phillips, with silver and bronze medals in their respective categories going to Laura Laurent and Leah Smith, Noah Keena and Mia Lester-Brookes, Jessica Ward and Thomas Klemz, Ethan Stonton and Adam Barnes, Alessio Sebis and Zara Grimwood, Zak Smyth and Damla Kaya.

Well done everyone.


 P1070288.JPG  P1070260.JPG

The kumite followed which was a pleasure to witness as there were plenty of great techniques executed during the day.

The gold medal winners on the day were, Liam McNair, Finley Burn, Adam Barnes, Elliott Lowman, James Arnold and Zak Smyth. Silver and bronze medal winners were as follows in their respective categories, Stanley Arnold, Harry Allies, Laura Laurent and Thomas Klemz, Ben Van Der Hoven and Bethany McNair, Ethan Stonton and Lewis Grainger, Kian Johnson, Harrison West and Justin Benoit/Means, Antonia Grainger, Dylan Kidd and finally Patchouli Phillips.

well done everyone!

 P1070499.JPG  P1070546.JPG

 P1070560.JPG  P1070568.JPG


A special well done to Liam McNair and Finley Burn who won both their Kumite and Kata categories. However, the star of the day was Carla Rudkin-Guillen who was awarded the prestigious 'Outstanding Competitor Award' after winning both her kata category and the next age group up, finally being placed in the senior category at 4th place. Keep up the great training! 








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