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International Match

Posted by: Collin Rudkin on 27th January 2017 at 5:50 pm
International Match

The SEKF squad enjoyed an exciting international kata and kumite match with my good friend Fran Salazar and his students from Madrid.

The day started with Fran putting the students through a few rigorous kata training drills which were enjoyed by everyone. Both squads then showed their talent and great spirit whilst performing, Individual, pairs and team kata. 

The support for everyone competing was fantastic and lovely to witness.

My wife Angela and our parent of the year Filiz, prepared some lovely Spanish and Turkish food which was really appreciated. Fran commented on our hospitality and mentioned that everyone felt as though they were at home.

After a good break, I warmed everyone back up and started the kumite training. The session was based on controlling the opponent and was enjoyed by all. 

The day finished with all the students receiving a medal for their efforts.

A great day and experience for both the SEKF and Fran's students. With everyone getting on so well I cannot wait for our return trip to Madrid in the summer! 




















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