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Eight National Champions

Posted by: Collin Rudkin on 10th February 2018 at 7:10 pm
Eight National Champions

The SEKF squad recently attended the Shito Ryu England Open championships. After a great effort the squad managed to win a massive eight gold, two silver and two bronze medals!

The day started in style with young Thomas Klemz winning gold in the 8-9yrs kata, followed by Adam Barnes winning his first national title in the 10-11yrs boys kata. Carla Rudkin-Guillen was up next in the 10-11yrs girls kata, this was to be the first time competing since breaking her foot in November. However, it was obvious from Carla's first kata that she was back to her best, claimimg gold with ease. Carla also competed in the next category up, 12-13yrs kata and after more breathtaking kata, she claimed her 2nd gold medal. James Arnold and Harrison West competed in the 12-13yrs boys kata and after some great kata, both ended up in the final. A great result for the SEKF, James finally ended up with Gold, whilst Harrison settled for a well deserverd silver medal. Finally, Damla competed in the 14-15yrs kata and managed a respectable bronze medal.

After the kata categories, the SEKF had already won five national titles, one silver and one bronze.



4e304c2d_81c4_43cd_91ea_dcee130b71fa.jpg  1304f46c_a60e_42ac_82f3_6797fa785c87.jpg

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ffa5f379_dc1e_401a_a18e_26bad71c06af.jpg  f542091a-ebaa-4d94-81fa-7b5e629a2029_1.jpg

After a team talk and some pre-training drills it was time for the kumite. It was not long before the SEKF achieved more medals. Elliott Lowman was first to win a silver medal in the 12-13yrs kumite, this was a pleasant surprise as he had just moved up to the category. Damla Kaya fought well in 14-15 yrs category, claimimg a well deserved bronze medal. However, it was not long before the SEKF gold medal haul got bigger. James Arnold dominated his category , winning gold in style with an array of sweeps and head kicks. Louis Naraine was next up in the 16-17 yrs category, after some tight fights he won an important and immpresive gold medal, especially as this was his first competition since breaking his hand in October. Finally, Nick Issacson, who was competing in the -72kilos, won a great gold medal. This was Nicks' first competition since taking four years out to study at Uni.

What a great day and medal haul. All the SEKF athletes performed to their best ability and the supporting parents were a great help. Well done everyone!



c4cf1005_f9dc_4633_bab9_af41572ea769.jpg 8c985f4f-3959-4755-9f0e-4ef24029bc18_1.jpg

3125ba8e_d704_4b36_8958_12a797dafd93.jpg 5b21dcae_8e05_4d3d_90c0_9feb986f7160.jpg

f322d6a0_5421_45ab_b7b9_3802f76bdb06.jpg a87f465c_57cb_403e_95e4_af8e5c4fa5e6.jpg

86fd2e89-d207-404e-aff2-16af6bcccdb7_1.jpg  9790c6eb_dd78_49d7_a16c_123a1a51a931.jpg











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