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Double Trouble at the English Championships

Posted by: Collin Rudkin on 20th August 2019 at 3:10 pm
Double Trouble at the English Championships

Congratulations to our SEKF athletes, James Arnold and Carla Rudkin-Guillen, who both won two medals each at the English Championships making SEKF history. 

James Arnold, managed to retain his English title by winning the -70K Cadet kumite category in style making SEKF history, and continued to win a bronze medal in the Open weight Cadet kumite...Outstanding! 

Carla Rudkin-Guillen, won Silver in the -14Yrs Kata after five great rounds, then made SEKF history by winning Bronze in a 2nd discipline, the -14 Yrs Kumite....Outstanding!

Both athletes have trained to incredible levels this year and continue to strive forward....Such great role models for hard work and dedication!

Well done to our other athletes who trained hard and performed well but did not manage to medal on this occasion. Ethan Stonton, Adam Barnes, Harrison West and Finlry Burn. Well done everyone!




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