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Central England International Open Success

Posted by: Collin Rudkin on 23rd November 2019 at 11:55 am
Central England International Open Success

At the weekend, the Southern England Karate Federation squad attended the Central England International Open. The competition hosted athletes from eight nations.
After some great performances from our SEKF athletes we managed to win 2 x Gold, 1 x Silver and 4 Bronze medals.
James Arnold won Gold in the Open weight and Silver in the +63 kilos, Cadet Kumite,
Carla Rudkin-Guillen, Ethan Stonton and Adam Barnes won Gold in the 12-13yrs, Team Kata, in addition, Carla and Ethan won Bronze in the 12-13 yrs, Pairs Kata...Carla, also managed to win a bronze medal in the Cadet Kata (-16Yrs)
Adam barnes also managed to win a bronze in the 12-13yrs kumite, along with Nick Issacson who won bronze in the senior -75K Kumite...

Well done everyone and thanks to Danny for helping to prepare the squad and thanks to the parents for all their support...TEAM SEKF

49A5CAEE_C827_4771_B5DA_856F3308E26C.jpeg  948B53EC_2C7C_4873_A8E5_1D4B19A0009D.jpeg

99DEF718_D139_4AA6_86A2_DFF8F3D7C2F2.jpeg  A0DE4340_E2FA_4A65_B468_1E9251B6964E.jpeg


374DF991_0DE5_476F_8E0D_896CF3EA5520.jpeg  A299B3E9_D064_4576_9133_8DBB4CC23F1A.jpeg



1A759834_021B_4973_85FC_DD518344749D.jpeg  C7674F51_78E2_411B_A8D5_CB9D1C9AC63B.jpeg



D98704AE_E253_46F0_8552_1CFBB3880CEE.jpeg  F61E9DCF_C565_4F79_9D01_88FD517E527C.jpeg 

D004F967_47C5_40CE_8A93_3B722CF873D1.jpeg  01287BCE_F726_4DA5_926D_5146957F5E2A.jpeg

F3A2CA29_0070_4F37_82FB_9F1083A20A30.jpeg 0970510B_7626_4D14_BC1D_61B76A266D83.jpeg


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